Combined Rose List


Published annually since 1980, the Combined Rose List  is the one international reference for rose sources.  It contains essential information about rose varieties and mail order nurseries in the USA, Canada, and many overseas countries. Information in this 274-page softcover book is provided for more than 17,000 different roses and hundreds of mail order nursery sources.

Combined Rose List 2024

  • Created by Beverly R. Dobson
  • Compiled and edited by Peter Schneider
  • 249-page Rose List documents all roses known to be in commerce worldwide: 17.021 different roses in this edition. Listings include synonyms and code names, color, classification, breeder, year of introduction, major awards won, fragrance notation, and patent/trademark status.
  • 18-page Nursery List provides addresses, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, web paths and other useful information about 254 commercial rose sources.
  • Hard-to-Find Roses & Where to Find Them: find new roses, fragrant roses and Old Garden Roses. Find any rose that can be found! Each rose is  keyed to every nursery that offers it.
  • Rose Registrations Update: we record the latest American Rose Society color and horticultural classifications for registered roses. Most new roses are not registered, and the Combined Rose List provides comprehensive documentation of the unregistered roses of the world.
  • Fully cross-referenced including all code names for modern roses.
  • Completely independent: we do not accept sponsorship or advertising from any nursery.
  • Authoritative; our commitment to accuracy is recognized throughout the rose world.

Combined Rose List 2024 is available for immediate shipment for $34 (check or money order payable to Peter Schneider) postpaid in the USA.

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