Freedom Gardens Fine Print

Freedom Gardens is a one-man nursery specializing in providing hard-to-find roses to experienced rosarians.  Peter Schneider has been growing, collecting and importing roses for more than 40 years.

Phone calls are returned until 5:30 pm Eastern time Monday through Friday.  
I do not communicate via text.

I do my best to answer all emails first thing each morning.

Physical location and mailing address:
6193 Vair Road
Freedom Twp., Ohio 44266

Visiting the Garden
Our garden and collection of over 1300 different roses is open every Sunday in June, 10 am to 5 pm.  It doesn't cost anything and you don't have to buy anything.  For the rest of the growing season, we are open by appointment for those who do want to buy something.  While you are here you will be free to explore the garden at your leisure.

Size of Plants
My roses are grown outdoors in USDA zone 5b. They are started in bands and then promoted to nursery trade one gallon pots for sale. The size of the finished plant varies and depends on both the variety of the rose and our growing season.  In general, the most winter-hardy types such as gallicas and rugosas will make the largest plants, while many hybrid teas and early David Austin roses will be my smallest plants.  A sunny summer will produce larger plants than a rainy one.
My plants are smaller than 1-gallon plants grown in a greenhouse or in the South.  Their root systems are larger than quart-size plants or those offered for sale in bands.  My nursery plants are not pampered and do not have soft greenhouse growth:  I consider them "well-tempered roses" that will thrive once they arrive in the care of an experienced rosarian.  
If your goal is to receive large-size potted roses such as those offered at big box stores and local garden centers, please consider purchasing your roses from them.

Occasionally potential customers request pictures of my roses.  Unfortunately I do not take photographs or have photographs of anything. The best way to see my roses is by an in- person visit to the garden.  If you are looking for photographs of specific varieties, the catalogue or website of the nursery originally introducing the rose, or a book written by the hybridizer of the rose, will be your most reliable source for accurate photos.  There are many inaccurate rose photos on the internet.

Freedom Gardens is primarily a garden/nursery that people visit in person.  I do a limited amount of shipping of roses each fall.  Orders for fall shipping are accepted beginning 1 July, based on stock available at that time. I do not ship in the spring.  I do not ship within Ohio or to neighboring states. I do not ship to Canada.  I do not ship lilacs.
Shipping starts at the beginning of October to the coldest places, and ends in mid-November with the warmest ones.

It is your responsibility to provide me with a correct shipping address.  I have no responsibility for roses that are damaged  or lost because the address given to me was incomplete or incorrect.
If you garden in the North I encourage you to visit here in person and take your potted roses home for planting in the summer.  If you mail-order your roses from me, you will need a plan for protecting them their first winter.  Keeping them in pots in an attached, dark, unheated garage usually works well. Greenhouses, sturdy cold frames and forts made from bales of straw have also proved successful for my customers.

All of my roses are grown without winter protection here in zone 5b.. I am happy to share my observations about how any of them perform in my garden.  I cannot predict with certainty how they will perform anywhere else.

Nursery Sales Are Final

Plants cannot be returned for any reason, including changing your mind.

I guarantee my roses to be correctly named.  On rare occasions mistakes happen.   If you receive a mislabeled rose I will replace it with the correct one as soon as it is available.

Because I have no control over what happens to my plants once they leave my care, I do not offer replacements or refunds for plants that do not prosper.

Cut Flowers and Cuttings

I do not sell cut flowers or cuttings, only finished plants.

Custom Propagation
I offer custom propagation of over 1000 different roses to patient rosarians.  Many of these roses are not available anywhere else in North America. 

When you order a custom propagation rose you are giving me both your money and your patience.  Custom propagation orders can be placed at any time throughout the year. I do not maintain waiting lists. All orders are filled in the order in which they were received. In more than 75% of cases a custom propagation order placed in June (or earlier) will be ready in June the following year.  Orders placed later in the summer may be ready the following June, but it is less likely.  If your custom propagated rose is not ready the year after you have ordered it, I will continue growing it for another year.  If it is not ready the second year, I will ask you if you want a refund or for me to keep trying.  Two things will never happen with a custom propagation order:
1.  I can never "speed things up" or guarantee completion by a certain date.
2.  You will never place a custom propagation order and not receive either your rose or a refund.
Because I want to continue propagating a wide range of roses that have given me pleasure over many years, and not just those that are riding a wave of internet publicity today, I limit the quantity of custom propagation orders I will accept for any particular cultivar each year.  Once this limit is reached no more custom propagation orders will be accepted for that rose until a new ordering window opens each year on 1 October.

Cancellations and Changes
Order cancellations and changes distract from my core role of propagating and growing roses and are discouraged.
Custom propagation orders cannot be changed once they are  placed.  In case of cancellation before two growing seasons have gone by, a refund will be given less 20% toward my time and trouble.
Custom propagation orders for which the customer has provided cuttings cannot be cancelled.

If you wish to cancel an order you have placed for in-stock roses, you will have your choice of an immediate refund less 20%, or a full refund once I have sold the roses that had been reserved for you to someone else.

Name of Nursery

My nursery is called Freedom Gardens because it is located in Freedom Township, Ohio.  The name of my nursery does not signify that I have any particular political, philosophical or religious beliefs.  The main thing I believe is that worthy old roses should be preserved, superior new roses should be promoted, and everyone deserves a wide selection when choosing the roses that are right for them.