Combined Rose List FAQs

What is the Combined Rose List?

An annual directory documenting all roses known to be in commerce worldwide, keyed to the nurseries that sell them. The 2024 edition includes 17.021 different roses and 254 commercial rose sources.

What can the Combined Rose List do for me?

Find hard-to-find roses (and new sources for easy-to-find roses). Provide reliable information about the color, classification, synonyms, hybridizer or discoverer, year of introduction, major awards won, and patent/trademark status for each rose. Open a window to the world of importing roses, or obtaining catalogues and roses from nurseries in your own country that you will discover in the Combined Rose List.

Why is it called the Combined Rose List?

In  the 1970s, Irvington, New York rosarian Bev Dobson began publishing three separate lists of interest to other rose lovers: Roses in Commerce, Rose Registrations Update,  and Hard-to-Find Roses & Where to Find Them.  In 1980 she combined these three lists into one booklet: the Combined Rose List. CRL has been published every year since then, growing over the years from a 50-page booklet to a 274-page softcover book.

Does the Combined Rose List contain pictures?

No. Combined Rose List is a 6" x 9" perfect bound book printed in concise but clear (8 pt.) type. It weighs just under one pound. Imagine a dictionary listing all of the roses known to be in commerce and you'll have the general idea. All rose names (including synonyms) are fully cross-referenced in one easy-to-use alphabetical listing.

When will the next edition of the Combined Rose List appear?

The Combined Rose List  is published each year in March.

Who uses the Combined Rose List?

Rose collectors, importers, heritage rose enthusiasts, exhibitors, judges, garden writers and editors, many experts on and off the internet, rose travelers, rose societies and garden clubs, botanic gardens, landscape architects, garden centers and nurseries, nursery trade organizations, and anyone looking for a source for a particular rose.

How can I obtain the Combined Rose List?

U.S. residents can send a check or money order in  the amount of $34 payable to Peter Schneider, Box 677, Mantua, Ohio 44255.

Do I need to be a rose society member or Consulting Rosarian in order to purchase the Combined Rose List?

Of course not. We are happy to offer the Combined Rose List to everyone.

How do I order from Canada or overseas?

We recommend placing your order online. This will calculate postage for you and makes currency conversion issues easier for us. Orders placed by mail must include payment in U.S. funds payable through a U.S. bank (this can be a bank draft, international money order or American Express money order). We also accept U.S. currency and Euro currency (at a 1 = 1 parity with the dollar). We do NOT accept Eurocheques, Western Union transfers or cryptocurrencies.

Shipping to Canada is $22.50 for the first book (so a total of $52).

Shipping to all other countries is $25.50 for the first book (so a total of $55).

Please note that the per-book cost for delivery to other countries decreases substantially if more than one book is ordered.

Why is it so expensive to ship Combined Rose List overseas?

We have not discovered a more economical option than the U.S. Postal Service but want to continue providing Combined Rose List to the rosarians of the world. When you receive your copy via First Class Mail International you will see that we have spent more on postage than we have charged you.

Are back issues of Combined Rose List available?

Yes. We often receive requests for back issues from libraries, archives and garden historians, as well as rosarians who would like to have a complete collection.  All back issues from 1992-present are available at the same cost as for the current edition.

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