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Hard-to-find Roses for Sale in Pots

Thank you to everyone who visited during our Open Garden Days this June here in Freedom Township, Portage County, Ohio.  Our garden is now closed for the year.  Orders can still be placed for shipping, which continues through mid-November.  We have a superb crop of rose plants for sale this year, including many varieties not available from any other North American source. If you are looking for a hard-to-find rose not listed here, please ask. We have especially large collections of hybrid perpetuals, Austin roses and Kordes roses.

Hard-to-Find Roses For Sale

Own-root roses propagated at Freedom Gardens. 1-gallon pots. $25 each.

Roses can be purchased now for pickup at the garden or possible shipment. To purchase any of these plants please call Peter on 330.296.2618 or use the contact form on this website to confirm availability. We accept cash, checks, PayPal, all major credit cards and Euros.


ALOHA HAWAII (Kordes 2004) coral orange climber, healthy and winter-hardy

ALTISSIMO (Delbard 1966) climber; startling, large, single-petaled red blooms

ANNA DE DIESBACH (Lacharme 1858) in color, fragrance and form the perfect pink HP

ARCHBISHOP DESMOND TUTU (Kordes 2008) enormous crimson blooms, healthy shrub

ARDOISEE DE LYON (Damaizin 1858) strawberry sport of Baronne Prevost

ARRILLAGA (Schoener 1922) spectacular light pink cabbages, truly perpetual HP

BADEN-BADEN (Kordes 1952) satiny crimson hybrid tea, profuse, incredibly fragrant

BALLERINA (Bentall 1937) classic pink blend hybrid musk, hydrangea-like clusters

BANSHEE (c. 1773?) super tough light pink Old Garden Rose

BARON GIROD DE L'AIN (Reverchon 1897) bizarre, beautiful chalk-edged scarlet-crimson

BELLA DONNA (<1844) pink fragrant damask, very long spring bloom

BELLE ROSINE (Vibert 1829) rare dark pink gallica, well-formed blooms last when cut

BISCHOFSTADT PADERBORN (Kordes  1964) rare electric orange semi-double shrub

BLACK FOREST (Kordes 2011) clear red floribunda, massive exhibition sprays

BLAIRII No. 2 (Blair 1845) climbing light pink cabbage rose, better than Blairii No. 1

BLOSSOMTIME (O'Neal 1951) classic pink Ohio-bred climber with scrolled HT-like buds

BLUSH HIP (1840) tender pink on a tough plant, the alba that acts like a gallica

BLUSHING LUCY (Williams 1938) shiny soft pink rambler, fragrant and healthy


BOLD RULER (Clemons 2016) crimson miniflora for exhibition or boutonniere

BONNIE JEAN (Archer 1933) dusky pink 5-petaled HT, from the Dainty Bess people

BRILLIANT FLOWER CIRCUS (Kordes 2008) bright orange-red, healthy compact shrub

BRINDABELLA DAWN (Gray 2019) very fragrant  apricot floribunda-shrub from Australia

BRINDABELLA RED EMPRESS (Gray 2019) healthy, vigorous, scarlet floribunda-shrub

BUKAVU (Lens 1998) profuse red blend hybrid musk, larger blooms than most

CAPTAIN THOMAS (Thomas 1935) spectacular single-petaled yellow climbing hybrid tea

CARDINAL DE RICHELIEU (Parmentier 1840) purple/slate, if you grow only one gallica...

CARDINAL HUME (Harkness 1984) plum purple rosettes in attractive sprays, free-blooming

CHAMPLAIN (Svejda 1982) crimson kordesii shrub, heavy bloomer, ideal bushy habit

CHARDON (S Schneider 2020) breath-taking 9' white fountain, like an atomic Snowbelt

CHARLES DE MILLS (<1746) gallica, what they called red back then, plant and stand back

CINDERELLA (Kordes 2004) many-petaled pure light pink, climber or tall shrub

COUNTRY BOY (2000) our semi-double sport of Austin's The Countryman, just as tough

COURTNEY MARIE (Schroeck 2017) single-petaled bright red polyantha, always in bloom

CRIMSON GLORY (Kordes 1935) classic deep red hybrid tea, famously fragrant

DEMBROWSKI (Vibert 1849) deep cerise red hybrid perpetual with vigor; repeats well

DEUTSCHES DANZIG (Lambert 1935) outstanding polyantha, despite revanchist name

DINKY (Velle 2003) normal-size deep pink hybrid musk, tightly packed sprays

DIXIELAND LINDA (Beales 1996) apricot salmon sport of Boerner's Aloha

DR HUEY (Thomas 1914) large-flowered rambler, somber red with bright yellow stamens

DR W VAN FLEET (VanFleet 1910) powerful large-flowered rambler, light pink and fragrant

DOUBLOONS (Horvath 1934) vigorous golden yellow Ohio-bred climber, Wooster rescue

DUC DE GUICHE (<1810) crimson-to-violet gallica, not mad but somewhat eccentric

ELINA (Dickson 1984) ideal yellow hybrid tea for northern Ohio

FARA SHIMBO (Barden 2005) well-mannered moss, nearly black with golden stamens

FELICITAS (Kordes 1998) superb single-petaled bright pink landscaping shrub

FIRE OPAL (Kordes 2015) well-behaved floribunda, Rainier cherry in sprays

FLOWER GIRL (Fryer 1999) semi-double appleblossom pink shrub, stupendous sprays

FOREVER ROSE (Schmitz 2019) large cream/pink, gazillion petals, Kordes-like floribunda

FORGOTTEN DREAMS (Bracegirdle 1981) hugely fragrant Crayola red hybrid tea

FOUR SISTERS  (S Schneider 2019) Seven Sisters reinvented as fast repeating polyantha

FRU DAGMAR HASTRUP (Hastrup 1914) classic 5-petaled sky pink rugosa, lots of hips

FURSTIN VON PLESS (Lambert 1911) ivory hybrid tea with rugosa ancestor

GALLICANDY (Barden 2003) bubblegum pink, profuse, modern gallica

GARDEN OF ROSES (Kordes 2007) large apricot cream blooms, healthy floribunda

GARTENZAUBER (Kordes 1984) leafy floribunda; large, pointed, scarlet blooms

GESCHWIND'S NORDLANDROSE (1884) very double pink, indestructible setigera hybrid

GLOIRE DE CHEDANE-GUINOISEAU (Chedane-Pajotin 1907) crimson hybrid perpetual

GRACE ABOUNDING (Harkness 1968) palest wheat, spectacular sprays, floribunda x HMsk

GRUSS AN GERMERSHAUSEN (Alfons 1926) eyecatching rambler, 5-petaled candy pink

HART CRANE (Schneider 2010) purple single-petaled rugosa, a top exhibition classic shrub

HELLA (Kordes 2010) vigorous, healthy semi-double climber, Santorini white

HOME & GARDEN (Kordes 2002) healthy pure pink floribunda, old-fashioned form

HOT PRINCE (Johnson 2018) exhibition hybrid tea in shades of red

ILLUSION (Kordes 1961) classic free-blooming cinnabar red kordesii climber

INDIGO (Laffay 1830) compact constant-blooming purple portland

INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE (Harkness 1984) purple patio rose

JAMES MASON (Beales 1982) blood red modern gallica for hedge or back of border

JASMINA (Kordes 2006) arching, fragrant, large-flowered mauve climber

JESSICA (Walsh 1910) vigorous American-bred rambler, pink with hints of mauve

KEAN (1820?) purple pink gallica, recommended to all who dislike complicated OGR names

KEITH'S DELIGHT (Moore 2005) shiny yellow blushed pink, hybrid rugosa

LA BELLE SULTANE (Dupont c. 1795) golden stamens erupting from silky purple petals

LA FRAICHEUR (Turbat 1921) icy pink rambler, all day long

LA FRANCE (Guillot 1867) light pink, the original hybrid tea, still vigorous and fragrant

LADY HILLINGDON (Lowe/Shawyer 1910) tall apricot tea, hardy enough for here

LAVENDER VERANDA (Kordes 2014) free-blooming, compact, healthy floribunda

LONG JOHN  SILVER (Horvath 1934) boundless large-flowered rambler, silvery white

LOUIS VAN TYLE (<1846) opulent lavender pink gallica, spreading wider than tall

MABELLE STEARNS (Horvath 1938) prolific Ohio shrub, like a low, spreading La France

MME ALFRED CARRIERE (Schwartz 1879) cream globes, noisette that's hardy in Ohio

MME HARDY (Hardy 1832) ivory-cream damask, the green-eyed bewitcher

MME ISAAC PEREIRE (Garcon 1881) classic pink bourbon; gorgeous, fragrant and easy

MANDER'S NUTKANA #1(1983) nutkana X floribunda.  Nutkana wins.

MANUEL CANOVAS (Guillot 1995) old-fashioned white on robust, fast-repeating shrub

MARCHESA BOCCELLA (Desprez 1842) easy-growing, free-blooming light pink HP

MARIA LIESA (Liebau 1936) cheery 5-petaled bright pink, thornless rambler or large shrub

MARILYN WELLAN (Edwards 2006) Lite Brite red exhibition hybrid tea

MARKGRAFIN WILHEMINE (Tantau 1995) very rare clear pink floribunda/shrub

MARTINE GUILLOT (Guillot-Massad 1996) superb shrub, white HT-like blooms in sprays

MECENE (Vibert 1845) compact gallica, white stripes running out of deep pink petals

MELODY MAKER (Dickson 1990) spectacular orange-red exhibition floribunda $40

MERVEILLE DE LYON (Pernet 1882) silky white long-lasting hybrid perpetual

MICURIN (Bohm 1936) vigorous red climber, homage to Russian Burbank

MIRANDA (deSansal 1869) exuberant candy pink semi-double portland

MRS B R CANT (Cant 1901) heavy blooming pink tea, more hardy than thought

MRS OAKLEY FISHER (Cant 1921) constant golden amber single-petaled HT

MOJE HAMMARBERG (1931) bright pink double rugosa, hips, best Swedish rose

MORGENROT (Kordes 1985) loud bright red single-petaled compact shrub

MORGENSONNE (Kordes 1988) easy-growing winter-hardy yellow climber

"MOROCCAN ROSE" fragrant deep pink portland, found in North Africa

MUSIC BOX (Lim 2012) Peace-colored blooms on bushy, winter-hardy shrub

"NATIONAL ROAD" medium-large, bright red, very full hybrid china or bourbon


NEARLY WILD (Brownell 1941) wild-rose pink, the Knock Out of its day

NEW CENTURY (VanFleet 1900) extremely rare pink blend rugosa, sucker-free

ORIENTAL CHARM (Duerhsen 1960) lacquered vermillion, 10-petal HT beauty

OSCAR PETERSON (Dyck 2016) stunning semi-double white shrub, hardy+

PAUL NEYRON (Levet 1869) huge blooms, huge fragrance, Neyron pink


PEARL DRIFT (LeGrice 1981) glistening blooms & foliage, Mermaid X New Dawn

PERENNIAL BLUE(Mehring 2004) repeating rambler; blue = bright ruby lilac

PERENNIAL BLUSH (Mehring 2007) pliable, shade-tolerant, repeating rambler
PERENNIAL WHITE (Mehring 2008) big sprays on fast-repeating rambler

PETER FRANKENFELD (Kordes 1966) groovy deep pink HT, repeating quickly

PINK PAVEMENT  (Baum 1991) rugged deep pink hybrid rugosa, lots of hips

PINK ROADRUNNER (Uhll 2003) shrubby bright pink hybrid rugosa

PINK ROBIN (Lens 1992) rare R. helenae hybrid, tall and profuse

PINK SURPRISE (Lens 1987) saucer-size single-petaled light pink blooms

PLAISANTERIE (Lens 1996) color-changing HMusk, Mutabilis for the North

PORCELAINE DE CHINE (Lens 1996) great masses of pearlescent HT-like buds

RACHEL BOWES LYON (Harkness 1981) pastel orange pink R. californica hybrid

RED INTUITION (Delbard 2004) extravagantly striped exhibition hybrid tea

R. ARKANSANA 'PEPPERMINT' pink dapples and stripes, top exhibition species

R. BANKSIAE LUTEA classic yellow climber for greenhouse or south

R. EGLANTERIA the Sweetbriar Rose, foliage scented of green apples

R. PALUSTRIS pink, the Swamp Rose, perfectly happy with wet feet, repeats

R. RUGOSA grown from seed, colors range from medium to deepest pink

R. VIRGINIANA robust single-petaled pink, native to Ohio as well as Virginia

ROSALINA (Kordes 1992) refined mauve/pink 5-petaled hybrid rugosa

"ROSE PETALS HOPPER" profuse deep pink china $15


ROSENSTADT ZWEIBRUCKEN (Kordes 1989) cheerful pink/coral/yellow shrub

RUHM VON STEINFURTH (Weigand 1920) the elusive Red Druschki $40

SANDY (USDA 2000) improved selection of R. rugosa, thanks to the government

SCHNEIDERII No. 3 (Schneider 2020) tree-climbing 5-petaled pink blend

SCHOENER'S NUTKANA (1930) large 5-petaled rose red blooms, gold stamens

SCREAMING NEON (Lim 2013) bright red landscaping shrub, covered in bloom

SHOGUN (Tantau 2000) climber with elegant cherry red/pale gold blooms

SIMON ROBINSON (Guernsey 1982) exuberant 5-petaled clear pink mini-shrub

SOUVENIR DE LA MALMAISON (Beluze 1843) perfect pearlescent bourbon


SOUVENIR DE MME AUGUSTE CHARLES (Moreauj/Robert 1866) lilac bourbon

SOUVENIR DU PRESIDENT LINCOLN (Moreau/Robert 1865) rich pink bourbon

STADT DEN HELDER (City of Heroes) (Illsink 1979) tall red floribunda

SUZANNE (Skinner 1949) the rock-hardy coral-salmon rose of the prairies

THE BISHOP (ancient) tall, deep pink/purple, centifolia/gallica

THE DOCTOR (Howard 1936) big, blowsy, bright pink HT; fragrant and charming

THE GERBE (Fauque 1904) early large-flowered climber, frosting pink, repeats

THERESE BUGNET (Bugnet 1950) fragrant, very double indestructible rugosa

TURBO (Meilland 1994) lustrous coral pink rugosa hybrid, fully double and tall

ULRICH BRUNNER (Levet 1881) workhorse HP, loads of large deep rose blooms

VARIEGATA [Cottage Maid] (1845) big centifolia, cream striped/flecked pink

VEGESACKER CHARME (Kordes 2003) big-spray silver/coral 5-petaled shrub

VEILCHENBLAU (Schmidt 1909) classic thornless rambler, violet-amethyst

VIOLETTE (Turbat 1921) bluest rambler, grape-like clusters, fragrant, thornless

WATERLOO (Lens 1996) hybrid musk, enormous panicles, double white blooms

WHITE VERANDA (Kordes 2020) blinding, full-petaled, very healthy floribunda

WICHMOSS (Barbier 1911) the iconic mossed rambler, light pink, now quite rare

WRETHAM ROSE (Hoellering 1997) fragrant, deep pink modern centifolia

ZEPHIRINE DROUHIN (Bizot 1868) pink fragrant, thornless bourbon climber

Paul Jerabek Introductions For Sale

Own-root roses propagated at Freedom Gardens. 1-gallon pots. $20 each.

ALICE PAT compact, early-blooming red blend floribunda SOLD OUT

ANNE GRABER tall floribunda, wavy light red exhibition sprays SOLD OUT

AUNT RUTH strawberry/cream semi-double climber, trophies at national shows SOLD OUT

BROWN STUDY novelty brown-orange floribunda SOLD OUT

CAMILLE ROSE profuse, healthy clear pink shrub SOLD OUT

CHATEAU DE VAIR 93 exuberant cerise/white polyantha, trophies at district shows SOLD OUT

CONNIE pure yellow semi-double miniature, almost always in bloom SOLD OUT

DEBBIE LYNN long-stemmed ruby red hybrid tea SOLD OUT


ESTHER JERABEK pink polyantha-style floribunda SOLD OUT

FOREVER, MICHAEL JON pure pink grandiflora

JERRY 'Double Delight' re-imagined as a grandiflora  SOLD OUT

JULES full-bodied red climber, repeating well

JUSTINE MEE LIFF pink grandiflora for garden and cut flowers SOLD OUT

LORI rich orange large-flowered climber SOLD OUT

MARS WAGAR 80-petaled purple, very fragrant, compact shrub 2021 INTRODUCTION

MAYA LEE big orange-red hybrid tea, powerfully fragrant SOLD OUT

MELVIN pink/cream/mauve floribunda SOLD OUT

OUR PEARL vigorous climber, white with pink edge

PATRICIA C OPPMANN white floribunda, early Jerabek SOLD OUT

PAUL JERABEK superb white/pink, Paul's last and best climber SOLD OUT

PAULSPRIDE pastel large-flowered climber: pink, yellow and white

PAW MAW mauve grandiflora, individually and in sprays

PEGGY M many-petaled yellow and pink hand-painted shrub SOLD OUT

PETER JOHN apricot-pink large-flowered hybrid musk SOLD OUT

PHOTOGENIC stunning semi-double white with lipstick edge, climber/shrub

RAY'S JOY bright orange floribunda, most popular with people named Ray SOLD OUT

ROSEFORD prolific light pink climber with intriguing scent

SNOWBELT polyantha, like having a white azalea blooming all summer long SOLD OUT

SUE DICKMAN floribunda, bright coral orange with silver

SUSAN SCHNEIDER  shrub, brillant yellow-changing-to-red in sprays, many trophies

SUSAN'S SISTER more intense colors in smaller sprays, vigorous floribunda SOLD OUT

THE CLERK multi-petaled bright red, large blooms on stalwart shrub SOLD OUT

WEE BUTTERFLIES (R.jerabekii) prolific pink/white polyantha, comes true from seed SOLD OUT

WINE & ROSES exotic climber, inky zinfandel with pale rose reverse SOLD OUT

WINIFRED pink grandiflora, like 'Queen Elizabeth' with holding power SOLD OUT

WOMEN IN MILITARY very free blooming red shrub, one of Paul's best SOLD OUT

ZENAITTA superb orange-red polyantha for exhibition and garden SOLD OUT

We feature Paul Jerabek's roses but also have an excellent selection of modern hybrid teas, floribundas and shrubs from other rose breeders--all proven winter hardy in this climate--on our $20 sale tables.

Custom Propagation
We offer custom propagation of hard-to-find roses for patient rosarians.  Most roses are propagated on their own roots; a few that resist striking on their own are budded onto R. multiflora understock.  In most cases this takes 12-18 months but sometimes it can take longer. We can propagate any rose that is not under current patent or trademark.  Many people make a visit to our garden to choose what they would like to have propagated from our vast collection of hard-to-find roses.  We note roses unique to our nursery in the Combined Rose List.  And gardeners often want us to propagate an unknown but loved family heirloom rose.  In all cases custom propagation is $25 per plant, payable when the order is placed. We can only propagate a finite number of roses each year, and early ordering is always recommended.


ASCHERMITTWOCH (Ash Wednesday) (Kordes 1955) large climber, ghostly grey

ASCOT (Tantau 2008) like a red bomb peony all summer long

BIBI MAIZOON (Austin 1989) extraordinarily profuse, very fragrant, pink shrub

BLACK PRINCE (Paul 1866) charming, productive hybrid perpetual, deepest crimson

BUTTERSCOTCH (Warriner 1986) stunning light brown large-flowered climbing rose

CLEwonder (Clements 1997) fuchsia on ecru, most intellectual of the striped roses

COLCESTRIA (Cant 1916) gorgeous, plush, fragrant, satin pink blooms on arching climber

ELISA BOELLE (Guillot 1869) HP in shades of white, a favorite with visitors to our garden

FAIR BIANCA (Austin 1982) classic white floribunda-style English rose

FISHERMAN'S FRIEND (Austin 1988) crimson, still best rose ever named for a cough drop

HAKUUN (Poulsen 1962) incredible exhibition sprays on compact white floribunda

HANSALAND (Kordes 1993) best red rugosa hybrid. Period.

LADY MOSS (Moore 2005) extremely mossy pale apricot-pink floribunda, quite rare

LEMON BLUSH (Sievers 1988) huge lemon-colored, lemon-scented blooms, thornless

LOVE'S KISS (J&P 2010) bright coral, under-the-radar exhibition hybrid tea

LOYAL FRIEND (Gardner 2001) elusive single-petaled white miniflora, exhibition sprays

LUCY IRENE (Nicholson 2012) soft pink sport of William Baffin; lovely and just as tough

MAYOR OF CASTERBRIDGE (Austin 1996) tall pink, English charm + Explorer hardiness

OLD PORT (McGredy 1991) very purple, very double, very fragrant floribunda

"PHALANX" very fine deep pink bourbon, full of petals and fragrance, repeating well


PURE BLISS (Dickson 1995) gold-medal winning pink blend HT, very rare

SEBASTIAN KNEIPP (Kordes 1997) tall, fragrant, many-petaled, cream hybrid tea

SONIA RYKIEL (Guillot 1995) coral; outshines many Austins in fragrance, form

SUE RYDER (Harkness 1983) free-blooming Folklore-colored floribunda, rare

SUMMER WINE (Kordes 1985) 5-petal peach climber, cinnamon/cerise stamens

SUMMERTIME DREAM (2008) apricot sport of Pink Robusta, introduced by us

SUNNY SUNDAYS (Smith 2013) promising yellow blend exhibition hybrid tea

THE ENDEAVOUR (Austin 2006) compact orange-pink shrub with fragrance

THE PRINCE (Austin 1990) deep crimson turning to extraordinary royal purple

TRADESCANT (Austin 1993) blackest Austin, intricately formed, compact

URDH (Tantau 1930) wonderful deep pink hybrid perpetual with a funny name

VATER RHEIN (Kiese 1922) gem of an early HT: crimson, quartered, fragrant

WINDRUSH (Austin 1984) glowing pale yellow, semi-double, vigorous

YESTERDAY (Harkness 1974) superb lavender polyantha/shrub, when all our troubles seemed so far away...

Rare and Choice Lilacs For Sale

Own-root lilacs propagated at Freedom Gardens. 1-, 3- and 5-gallon pots. $25 each.

ALBERT HOLDEN purple/white, best bicolor lilac, Fiala introduction

ANABEL pink, tall, earliest to bloom

ATHELINE WILBUR double magenta/pink, upright, Fiala introduction

AVALANCHE white, tall, Fiala introduction

BETSY ROSS white, bushy habit, early to bloom

BLUE EYES prolific single-petaled sky blue, raised by Susan Schneider

CATAWBA PINK seldom-seen double

CROIX DE BRAHY heirloom pink, wide habit SOLD OUT

ETHEL M WEBSTER palest pink, earlier than most prestonias SOLD OUT

FERNAND PEGOT magenta/pink, rarely in commerce

FRANK'S FANCY striking modern dark purple

FREDERICK DOUGLASS blue, Rochester family SOLD OUT

IVORY SILK shapely tree, blooms late and long

JESSIE GARDNER violet, large florets, unaccountably hard-to-find SOLD OUT

KINGSVILLE blue, free-blooming

KOSMOS stunning purple, Communist lilac

LILAC SUNDAY profuse lavender SOLD OUT

LOIS AMEE UTLEY pink/lavender, Fiala introduction

MME LEON SIMON heirloom double lavender, rare SOLD OUT

MAIDEN'S BLUSH pink, healthy, early to bloom

MARECHAL FOCH heirloom reddish-pink

McMASTER CENTENNIAL huge white panicles

MISS MILLIE double bright rose, tall, upright SOLD OUT

We are pleased to re-introduce this excellent cultivar created by Wayne Hughes, proprietor of The Lilac Farm in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania from 1990 to 2005.

MOUNT BAKER white, wide, prolific

NADEZHDA double blue/mauve, Communist lilac SOLD OUT

NARRAGANSETT lavender, fast-growing

OLIVIER DE SERRES heirloom double blue, rare SOLD OUT

P P KONCHALOVSKI big blue, Communist lilac

PAMYAT o S M KIROV double blue-lavender, hardcore Communist lilac SOLD OUT

PAT PESATA pink/blue, compact, extremely rare Fiala introduction

PEACOCK often double pink blend from Hulda Klager SOLD OUT

PAUL THIRION heirloom double magenta/purple SOLD OUT

POCAHONTAS early-blooming purplish red

PRAIRIAL pink/lilac species cross, late-in-the-day Lemoine SOLD OUT

PRESIDENT GREVY heirloom double blue

PRESIDENT POINCARE heirloom double magenta, hard-to-find SOLD OUT

PRIMROSE Holden selection of soft yellow vulgaris SOLD OUT

REDWINE magenta, bushy, late-blooming prestonia

ROCHESTER game-changing white SOLD OUT

ROYALTY superior purple-violet prestonia

ST JOAN double white, elegant, compact, one of the rare Rowancroft lilacs SOLD OUT

SARAH SANDS extremely purple, large florets SOLD OUT

SWEETHEART double, shades of pink

S. x CHINENSIS tall rosy purple SOLD OUT

VESTALE heirloom pure white, now quite rare SOLD OUT

VICTOR LEMOINE heirloom double lavender, rare

VIOLET GLORY stunning deepest violet, appears black from a distance, Rowancroft SOLD OUT

ZNAMYA LENINA (Banner of Lenin) breath-taking red-violet, Communist lilac

ZULU violet, large florets, hard-to-find SOLD OUT

COMMUNIST LILAC = the stunning introductions of, primarily, the Soviet Union's Leonid Kolesnikov. Some have names such as Banner of Lenin or Communist Youth League, or honor heroes of the Revolution.

FIALA INTRODUCTION = the creations of Father John L. Fiala, the renowned lilac-hybridizing priest of Medina, Ohio.

ROWANCROFT = the remarkable vulgaris hybrids bred by Miss Mary Blacklock and Miss Minerva Castle at Rowancroft Gardens in Meadowvale, Ontario in the mid-20th century.

...and one rescued lilac


Vigorous, healthy growth to 9'. Blooms top to bottom for a long time, bright purple fading to violet. Large florets in impressive panicles. Some flowers have 5 or 6 petals instead of the usual 4; petals twist at final stage of opening. Fragrance is pure but not as overwhelming as from some vulgaris hybrids. One of the most impressive lilacs in our collection, and despite visits to the Holden Arboretum, Royal Botanical Gardens (Burlington, Ontario) and Highland Park (Rochester, New York) we have not been able to discover its original name.  Rescued from the Biltz homestead on Lynn Road in Rootstown, Ohio.  SOLD OUT


Rose/lilac availability list updated 20 October 2020.